About Synerlogic

More than just logistics…

Synerlogic has developed, produced and distributed ingredients, (cattle) feed additives, chemicals and cleaning and disinfecting products for over 110 years. For these purposes, Synerlogic has its own modern production facility, R&D, laboratory and warehouse. Both the entire process and the products apply all legal standards, like HACCP, GMP+ and Responsible Care.

Sales channels

Through the sales channels Synvital, Lely Consumables, In2Food and K-apex the products find their way to more than 40.000 customers across the globe, ranging from the dairy farmer to the food industry. Through a joint venture with Lely, Lely Synerlogic supplies warehousing and worldwide distributions of spare parts of Lely milking robots and agricultural machinery.


In collaboration with customers our Research & Development department is continuously working on the development of new products, the efficient set-up of production processes and cleaning facilities and the sustainable compliance with all laws and regulations concerning handling of ingredients and chemicals.