Safety and Quality

In order to make sustainability concrete within Synerlogic, an objective was set in 2018: up to 2021 a 50% reduction in CO₂ compared to the year 2018. This objective receives a sub-objective every year. For 2019 this is a 20% CO₂ reduction. This objective has been amply achieved.
Synerlogic is a company that is in a phase of growth, as a result of which it is possible that certain measures (a part) of the CO₂ savings are canceled out. In that case CO₂ reduction will be seen as an integral part.
Synerlogic's CO₂ footprint will be updated half-yearly. The results will be discussed during the management review. During the management review, it will be determined whether adjustments and additional resources are needed in the event of a disappointing result of the measures taken.For Synerlogic human and animal health, quality, feed/food safety and environment are important components of our corporate policy and management. Within Synerlogic the SHEQ (Safety, Health, Environment and Quality) Department has been created to comply with these tasks.

Synerlogic takes its responsibility for the assurance of their (product) quality and feed/food safety. The product ranges apply all (legal) standards and are developed according to European and national regulations, such as REACH, CLP and the Biocide Regulation. Synerlogic aims for a chain approach and takes this into account when selecting suppliers.